Update 11 March 2020

The CRAA has learned that Dan Hickey has sadly passed away – but this go fund me is still on going….


CRAA Alumni Dan Hickey battled a brain tumor in 2018. After having surgery in 2018, everything was thought to be looking good until an MRI in the fall of 2019 showed a recurrence of the tumor. On January 14, 2020, Dan’s tumor was upgraded from an Astrocytoma to a Glioblastoma; a very aggressive form of cancer that requires extensive care. A further scan showed that the tumors were not responding to treatment and continuing to grow.

Dan has since been removed from the medical trial of chemotherapy that he had been put on and now the priority is keeping him comfortable at home, surrounded by the love of his family and friends.

Dan is a warrior; now it is our turn to fight for him.



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