Our Awards Night had to take on a different look this year – it was presented via Facebook Live from Stu Peppard Arena – and hosted by Mark Stephen. He was inducted to the media wing of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2013. Mark Stephen is a long- time radio play by play voice of the Red and White, also known as the Calgary Stampeders on QR77.  Thank you, Mark!


The Calgary Royals 50th Anniversary Awards:

These are unprecedented times and although we couldn’t be all together as we usually are to celebrate the hockey season, it is important that we recognize the hard work that went into making this a great hockey season.

Please note that although we have recognized individual and team awards April 29th, we will have the recipients meet at the arena to pick up and accept their award and have their photos taken at a later date.

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The following league wide Elite Council Awards are governed and selected by the respective rules and regulations outlined by Elite Council. They encompass the AA and Junior B leagues in Calgary.

Bantam AA- City Champions is awarded to Royals Bantam AA Gold led by Head Coach Jon Petrash

Bantam AA- Best Defenseman is awarded to Harrison Brunicke of AA White.

Midget AA – Best Defenseman is awarded to Brady Brenner Midget AA Gold

Midget AA – Scoring Champion – the winner is Carson Baylis Midget AA Gold

Junior B- Best Defenseman– the winner is Alex Leonidis of Junior B Blue

Hockey Calgary recognizes one CRAA volunteer each year. The volunteer of the year goes to Diana Hartford.


The winners of the following League awards are governed and selected by the respective rules and regulations outlined by each league: AMHL, AMMHL and AMBHL

AMBHL – Bantam AAA

Coach of the Year- Nick Symon

Outstanding Player- Aiden Oiring

Outstanding Forward- Aiden Oiring

Top Scorer- Aiden Oiring

Most Sportsmanlike Player- Matteo Danis

AMHL – Midget AAA Scholarship Winner – Rhys Bentham

Congratulations to all Elite Council and League Award recipients.


The Calgary Royals are proud to offer a robust scholarship program for our players.

The following Scholarship recipients were deserving in their respective awards based on the following criteria: Leadership and Sportsmanship, Hockey Ability, Community Involvement and Work and lastly Scholastic Achievement. Thank you to the scholarship committee who reviewed the 12 applications we received this year.

The winner of the Josh Wozny Scholarship– is Riley Hearn

The winner of the Stu Peppard Scholarship– is Joel Riddell

The winner of the Kyle Blais Scholarship– is Alex Walicki

The winner of the Ed Melville Scholarship– is Carson Baylis

The winner of the Kris Katsaounis Scholarship– is Jack Wolder

The winner of the Jeff Neihaus Scholarship– is Scott Burgess

The winner of the Terry Spink Scholarship– is Evan Horwitz

The winner of the Dale Dupont Scholarship– is Zeth Kindrachuk

The winner of the Jody Bryan Scholarship – is Caleb Miyagishima

Congratulations to all scholarship award recipients. You will receive an email in the next week.


The Calgary Royals Awards

The Most Sportsmanlike Team trophy is awarded annually to the Calgary Royals Athletic Association team that is assessed the least penalty minutes during League play. The team award goes to Bantam AA White.

The Bill Shearer Memorial is awarded to a dedicated Midget AAA Player chosen by the coaching staff of the AAA Midget Hockey Team. The award goes to Rhys Bentham

The Reg Turner Memorial is awarded to a Junior B hockey player with proven leadership qualities and portrays dedication and sportsmanship during the regular season. And the award goes to Spencer Selby 

The Emile Dupont Memorial goes to a Midget AA player who represents the Calgary Royals Athletic Association in a leadership role, displaying outstanding qualities, including sportsmanship, and dedication to his team. The award goes to Ethan Zielke

The Ed Melville Memorial is awarded to a Bantam AAA hockey player who represents the Calgary Royals Athletic Association in a leadership role, displaying outstanding qualities, including sportsmanship firstly, and dedication to his team. And the award goes to Owen Howes 

The Mike Vernon Award is awarded to the goaltender with the best goals against average based on Elite Council League statistics. The award goes to Adam Kelly 

The Manager of the Year is awarded to the manager who best supports Calgary Royals Athletic Association policies and procedures during the hockey season: Awarded to: Bryce Bunz

The Coordinator of the Year is awarded to the director who exemplifies leadership, sportsmanship, and good communications skills. The Director must show respect for the game and provide clear direction to the team throughout the year. Awarded to: Chris Anderson

The Volunteer of the Year– This award acknowledges an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Royals hockey association over the past season. Awarded to: Laurie Quinn

The Coach of the Year Award is presented annually to the Head Coach who has best developed his team in the Calgary Royals Athletic Association in all aspects of the game. This years’ Coach of the year goes to Jon Petrash

The President’s Award is presented to a volunteer who has provided many hours of dedicated service to the association over the year. This year’s recipient of the President’s Award is Dan Danis

Congratulations to all of the Calgary Royals Award Recipients


Individual Team Awards


Bantam AA Blue awards as determined by head coach Wayne Potter

Most Valuable Player Award- Yianni Zack

Best Defensive Player Award- Brett Setter and Jasper Whiteley

Hardest Working Player Award- Jonathan Brackman

Most Improved Player Award- Riley Bracko and Quinn Tavender


Bantam AA Gold awards as determined by head coach Jon Petrash

Most Valuable Player Award- Kenny Sutton

Best Defensive Player Award- Ben Laurette and Elliot Zan

Hardest Working Player Award- Ben Ankerman

Most Improved Player Award- Griffin Mills and Dylan Schlachter


Bantam AA White awards as determined by head coach Chad Scharff

Most Valuable Player Award- Ryan Gillis

Best Defensive Player Award- Quinnlan Keeler

Hardest Working Player Award- Nolan Dupont

Most Improved Player Award- Andrew Chio


Bantam AAA awards as determined by head coach Nick Symon

Most Valuable Player Award- Aiden Oiring

Best Defensive Player Award- Kaiden Emond

Hardest Working Player Award- Lachlan Sartison and Hunter Delf

Most Improved Player Award- Justin King and Marek Howell


Minor Midget AAA Blue awards as determined by head coach Jason Carruthers

Most Valuable Player Award- Jake Shtaif

Best Defensive Player Award- Doug Myers and Jacob Lapointe

Hardest Working Player Award- Ethan Button

Most Improved Player Award- Myles Lindenbach


Minor Midget AAA Gold awards as determined by head coach Brad Hodge

Most Valuable Player Award- Beckett Kirstine

Best Defensive Player Award- Sean Quinn

Hardest Working Player Award- Carson Deis

Most Improved Player Award- Tim Jozsa


Midget AA Blue awards as determined by head coach Drew Coles

Most Valuable Player Award- Riley Hearn

Best Defensive Player Award- Felix Morin

Hardest Working Player Award- Peter Rendek

Most Improved Player Award- Jamal Shaw


Midget AA Gold awards as determined by head coach Tyler Wagner

Most Valuable Player Award- Carson Baylis

Best Defensive Player Award- Ethan Zielke and Brady Brenner

Hardest Working Player Award- Ryan Johnson and Zach Bewcyk

Most Improved Player Award- Will Davies


Midget AAA awards as determined by head coach Mike Langen

Most Valuable Player Award- Rhys Bentham

Best Defensive Player Award- Aidan Bangs

Hardest Working Player Award- Zeth Kindrachuk and Kyle Woo

Most Improved Player Award- Simon Diaz


Junior B Blue awards as determined by head coach Darcy McGuire

Most Valuable Player Award- Radek McGuire and Alex Leonidas

Best Defensive Player Award- Garrett Sekiya

Hardest Working Player Award- Spencer Patterson

Most Improved Player Award- Connor Christensen


Junior B Gold as determined by head coach Derek Bell

Most Valuable Player Award – Spencer Selby

Best Defensive Player Award- Jake Biddell- Halcrow

Hardest Working Player Award- John Stephen

Most Improved Player Award- Hans Vivian


Thank you to all of our Coaches- Congratulations to the teams Award Recipients


The CRAA would also like to recognize the following teams and players:

We had a great Bantam AA Season and some high points of note:

Congratulations to the only true City Champions this season – Bantam AA Gold – it was unfortunate that you were not able to attend provincials, but we know you would have done well!

Congratulations goes out to Bantam AA White – our Esso Minor Hockey League Champions


There are four athletes who played for the Royals who incurred zero penalty minutes this season.

Bantam AA Jonathon Brackman

Minor Midget Gold James Kurrant

Midget AA Gold Zachary Piche

Junior B Blue Connor Christensen


The following two Royals Athletes were drafted in the WHL Bantam Draft

Bantam AAA Aiden Oiring

Bantam AAA Andrew Basha


Registration for next year’s hockey season will occur sometime after July 1st. Please check the website for more information as we know it.

The Annual General Meeting is on hold until further notice.


We wish to thank the following organizations for their support this year:

Global Sport Academy

WorldPro Goaltending

Benson Concussion Institute

Mahikan Medical Services

Universal Coach Lines Ltd

RM Apparel

We want to thank all of the coaches, trainers and managers for the countless hours of time and dedication you gave to your teams this year.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted each team throughout the year. Thank you to the board of directors for the many hours of time and commitment to the Royals organization. Thank you to the parents. You all contributed to the success of the 50th year of the Royals. We look forward to seeing everyone at tryouts in September.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

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