Welcome to the 2020-21 Hockey Season!

The COVID-19 pandemic, as in everything, has effected the way we do bingos this year, and because it is still fluid there may be further changes as we go through the season. So for now we will just talk about credit bingos.

We do have Credit Bingos that you can work in advance of November, starting August 6 through to October 31. For the shifts worked in this time period you will receive $75 per shift credited to your 2020-21 fees. These bingos will be tracked in SignUp Genius.

For current Royals families you can sign up for the bingos in August and September. For new families to the Royals system you can sign up for the bingos in October. Please adhere to these specifications to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to work bingos for credit. The shifts in Signup Genius will be either a double – evening/late night shift or a single evening, single matinee or single afternoon shift.

You can start signing up for these shifts as of August 4, 2020. I ask that you only sign up for 4 shifts (4 singles, 2 doubles or one double and 2 singles). This will allow for as many Royals families as possible to sign up for credits. At the end of August if not all bingos are filled – I will send out another email to let you know you can sign up for more shifts.

Credit Bingo Sign Up

Full details and explanation on how the team allocated bingos will work this year will be provided to each of the teams at your first team meeting.

Thank you!

Diana Hartford

Bingo Director

Calgary Royals Athletic Association dmhartford@gmail.com

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