PLEASE NOTE: This screening will begin August 29th for U15 (2007) Tryouts

The Calgary Royals Athletic Association, as a member of Hockey Calgary, is required to screen and track all participants and interactions and maintain records in a secure location for a minimum of 14 days from completion of activity. This is to be done as part of a daily check-in procedure for all participants.

To facilitate this, CRAA, as well as other Hockey Calgary member associations, will be using the “Health Check” feature and “Attendance” feature in TeamSnap. Kindly review the following video for more information about the Health Check feature:

The Health Check is a short questionnaire that is linked to every team event in TeamSnap under event details. The questionnaire asks members 4 screening questions and based on answers submitted, will provide a “Green Cleared” screen or an “Red Not Cleared” screen.  Coaches and Team Managers will have access to a list of team members and the status of their Health Check for each event.

Parents/Players are required to fill out the player’s availability prior to every event as either ‘going’ or ‘no’ (please update any availability that was indicated as ‘maybe’ on the day of the event)

  • If the player is attending, it is mandatory for the Health Check to be completed.
  • If the player is not attending, they should not fill out the Health Check.

As symptom screening needs to be filled out the day of the event, the Health Check questionnaire will only open 8 hours prior to the scheduled event.  It is imperative that every player’s attendance and health check is completed (if player is attending) no less than 1 hour prior to the scheduled event (ice time). 

Attendance and the Health Check must be completed by both team coaches and players. It is important to understand that any player or coach that has an incomplete or red not cleared health check will not be permitted to attend the event and must leave the facility immediately.

Tech Note: The Health check feature is only accessible on the TeamSnap mobile app. It is not available on the desktop/web version.  It is compatible with TeamSnap for iOS version 5.8.0 (or later) and TeamSnap for Android version 6.9.0 (or later). If you do not have access to the TeamSnap mobile app to complete the mandatory Health Check, please contact the CRAA Administrator at

Please be considerate of others that will be in attendance in the facility and If you are showing symptoms or feeling unwell, travelled outside Canada in the 14 days prior to the ice session, had close unprotected contact with someone who has travelled outside Canada in the 14 days prior to the ice time and who is ill, had close unprotected contact with someone who is ill, or someone in your household has been in close contact in the 14 days prior to the ice time with someone who is being investigated or confirmed to be a case of COVID-19 – DO NOT ATTEND THE SESSION!

QUESTION:  Where is Health Check in TeamSnap?


Health Check is linked to every event in TeamSnap. Health Check is only available 8 hours prior to the event start time to satisfy the requirement that health screening is done the same day as the event participating in. The Health Check only needs to be completed if the participant is attending the event.

  1. Log into TeamSnap on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) – Important: you must have the latest version of TeamSnap
  2. Click on “Schedule”
  3. Click on the event you are attending that day (ie. Camp Session #1 or practice)
  4. Under the event “Details”, scroll below the date of the event to “My Health Check” – click on this
  5. Click on “Start” and answer the four questions – click “Save” at the bottom to submit your answers
  6. Done – If you have a green “CLEARED” screen the participant can attend. If you have a red “NOT CLEARED” the participant cannot attend and may not return until after a minimum 14 day quarantine period has elapsed.

Don’t forget to update the participant’s availability!


Once in Cohorts, Coaches must complete the Health Check and availability for themselves too!

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