Congratulations to the following players:


U18 AA Gold

U18 AA Blue

Beauregard, K Anderson, E
Cochlan, K Bate, C
Deis, C Bright, E
Drake, T Chauvin, N
Forsyth, A Hamilton, A
Fowler, C Horwitz, E
Gulutzan, L Johnson, R
Macdonald, B Jozsa, T
Mcgeough, E King, J
McKinnon, C Kirstine, B
McLeod, L Lapointe, J
Nicholas, N Lindenbach, M
Rendek, P Little, K
Riddell, J Morin, F
Schlesinger, B Myers, D
Schuller, K Piche,  Z
Shaw, J Presley, N
Stirling, E Shtaif, J
Vernon, W Winnicki, J


Please check for your new TeamSnap Team that should show up by tomorrow morning in the app.  Your new schedule will be found there.

If your name does not appear on the above team lists, we sincerely thank you for trying out and ask that you check back with your community association.  If you would like an exit interview, please contact to arrange.

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