HC/Elite Council 2nd Tryout Policy – U15AAA/U17AAA/U18AAA

Residency of a player is determined as per Hockey Canada Residency Qualifications, which are governed and enforced by Hockey Calgary.

Hockey Calgary (Zone 9) has 4 Elite Draw zones, which are reviewed on a continual basis and amended as necessary to ensure equity in number of players associated to each zone.

AAA Tryout Procedures

· Players are only eligible to ‘tryout for a maximum of two (2) AAA teams’, as per Hockey Alberta guidelines; your home Association, and one (1) other (if you are accepted by that program).

· To be eligible for a ‘2nd Tryout’ all players must first tryout for the AAA team in their respective Hockey Calgary Elite Draw Zone Area (CBHA, CNHA, CRAA, NWCAA).

· Specific procedures for the AAA tryout process will be provided by the respective association (CBHA, CNHA, CRAA, NWCAA). This will constitute the players first tryout as per Hockey Alberta guidelines.

2nd Tryout Policy

· The Hockey Calgary draw zone is made up of the 4 Elite Associations in Calgary (CBHA, CNHA, CRAA, NWCAA), and you must access your 2nd tryout at one of these 4 programs.

· If you cannot secure a 2nd tryout at one of the 3 remaining AAA programs within Calgary, then you are required to return to your home Association to continue the AA tryout process.

· Players who secure a 2nd tryout will not be permitted to skate with the new Association until that Association has made their first set of releases, thus providing the Association time to assess the talent level and their needs. (Dates vary by age category)

2nd Tryout Process

· Securing a 2nd tryout is the sole responsibility of the player (and/or their family)

· The player has seven (7) days from the date of release from their home Association to contact another Association and secure a 2nd tryout. However, there are also final dates to consider for formation of teams – and it must be before those dates as teams will then be determined as final.

· There is no obligation for an ‘Association’ to accept the player, and Associations will accept players based on need, and the perceived talent of that player in relation to their current tryout roster.

· Players wishing a 2nd tryout should contact the following key personnel of the preferred Association to arrange a 2nd tryout, the contact information is as follows:

o CBHA – Lori McDonald – lori.mcd@outlook.com

o CNHA – Jesse Hale – gm@calgarynorthstars.com

o CRAA – Dale Peters – dale@demerits.ca

o NWCAA – Sean Adair – nwcaaelite@gmail.com

· These key contacts will work with the respective coaches in their Association to determine if there is interest in evaluating the player against their current tryout roster.

· Once a player has secured an Association for a 2nd tryout he is required to complete the ‘HA Elite Waiver Form’ to access the 2nd tryout, see link to form below:

o https://www.hockeyalberta.ca/male-elite-waiver-form/

o NOTE: Within Calgary this form is only required for 2nd tryouts

o The box requiring ‘Resident MHA’ and ‘President’ should be filled out as follows:

  •  Resident MHA – Hockey Calgary
  •  Resident MHA Email – Kevin.kobelka@hockeycalgary.com


  • There is no requirement on the minimum # of skates a team must offer, if after one (1) skate the team decides you are not capable of playing for their team they can release you.
    • This will be considered your 2nd tryout, and you will now be returned to your home Association to continue tryouts with the AA program.
    • Please note: Players who do not obtain a tryout with another association will return to their home association to continue in the AA tryout process.
    • End of Season · At the end of the season all players who secure spots on teams outside of their ‘Home Association’ are returned to their ‘Home Association’ to tryout for the subsequent season.
    • If you wish to stay with your ‘New Association’ moving forward, you can make a request to Hockey Calgary at the completion of the season (between May 1 – June 30th).

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