Annual General Meeting – June 13,2023 at 7:00 p.m.

2023/24 Calgary Royals – Board of Directors Nominations  

Director Nominations for the upcoming AGM are required to be submitted no later than May 22, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

May 23, 2023: NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  Please contact regarding any concerns.


Bylaw nomination process as approved at the SGM on April 4, 2023:

  • (a) The Board shall consist of not less than fifteen (15) and not more than nineteen (19) A Director shall throughout his term of office be a [Voting] Member in good standing of the Association. The Board shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the Voting Members present in person at such meeting for a one-year term. Any vacancy created by a Director ceasing to be a Director for any reason may be filled by an appointment made by the remaining Directors to serve the remaining term of the Director that ceased to be Director. An individual whose term of office expires, has not been expelled or suspended, at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting shall be eligible for re-election.

(b) All candidates in seeking elections must be nominated and contact the Secretary in writing twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General meeting for proper slate preparation. No nominations will be taken after that date, and none will be accepted at the time of the meeting. If a position needs to be filled after the AGM, it will be presented and voted on at the board level at the first board meeting following that date.


5.4 (c) Any Voting Member in good standing may nominate a Voting Member to the position of Director or Officer of the Association. All such nominations must be made at least 21 days prior to the AGM and be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to allow for proper slate preparation.


5.4 (d) Election or Appointment of Directors and Officers

To be nominated for the position of President, and Vice President(s) the Voting Member must have been a director or officer of the Association for a minimum of two terms prior to the proposed election or appointment, unless there is no one willing to stand for election with those qualifications.

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