U18AA  and U16AA Draft Teams Announced

Thank you for participating in our U16 – 18 Tryouts for 2023.  If you do not find your child’s name on one of the draft lists for U18AA or U16AA below, and you have checked U18AAA and U17AAA as well,  they have been released back to your feeder community and we wish you all a good season!

Please note all three teams have first practices Sept 6th (today!!) The practices are listed at the bottom of the draft list.

U18AA Blue Draft
Samuel Arsenault
Joel Bekker
Liam Beswick
Nicolas Bruno
Morgan Chorley
Griffin Dudra
Ethan Ellyin
Alexander Eriksen
Robert Grabill
Dominic Hernandez
Luke Heywood
Tyler Hoar
Declan Johnston
Brenden Kolbjornsrud
Riley Kondo
Kayvon Moghareb Samadi
Rylan Morgan
Henry Pahl
Matthew Palmer
Graydon Proctor
Will Rowan
Tiernan Rowan
Tommy Weetman
Sean Wootton
Cameron Wright
Practice: Sept 6, 2023
7:30 – 8:45 PM 7 Chiefs Arena


U18AA Gold Draft
Logan Bailey
Tristen Bunbury
Liam Coonfer
Cade Davis
Wesley Dublonko
Grayson Epple
Finlay Flynn
Maxwell Geib
Taye Gibson
Ben Hakes
Jack Hoar
Ian Johnson
Aidan Mogan
Justin Mol
Liam Morrissette
Ali Nasser
Nicholas Petropoulos
Colter Playfair
Max Popowich
Quintin Rose
Brennen Ruddell
Kyle Schuring
Ethan Scott
Tristan Van Olm
Vinton Wall
Practice: Sept 6, 2023
8:45 – 10:00 PM Stu Peppard


U16AA Gold Draft
Luc Arsenault
Gabriel Bart
Cael Bjorndalen
Brady Baun
Lincoln Campbell
Gabriel Vincent Ciceu
Riley Coleman
Kade Conklin
Carson Fauquier
Thomas Funtasz
Cohen Laviolette
Benjamin Luke
Nolan Mcewen
Colton Mcmaster
Brady Meyers
Frederic Nielsen
Blaze Reid
Maddock Reyes
James Ryan
Oliver Stasiuk
Brayden Tamayo
Trigger Two Guns
Ethan Walters
Practice: Sept 6, 2023
5:45 – 7:00 PM Stu Peppard

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