U13 Draft Teams Announced

Thank you for participating in our U13 Tryouts for 2023.  If you do not find your child’s name on one of the draft lists in the link below, they have been released back to your feeder community and we wish you all a good season!



DateArenaStart TimeEnd TimeTryout TeamsNotes
Mon, Aug 28Stu Peppard5:00 pmU13AA Draft **UPDATED
To be posted by 5pm
Wed, Aug 30Jimmie Condon5:00 pm6:00 pmU13AA GoldDrafted team practice
Wed, Aug 30Jimmie Condon6:15 pm7:15 pmU13AA BlueDrafted team practice
Wed, Aug 30Jimmie Condon7:30 pm8:30 pmU13AA WhiteDrafted team practice