U16AA/U17AAA (2007/2006)

- slated to begin August 31, 2022

- Goalies to start on August 31, main tryouts begin September 1st or 2nd for players


Traveller Info for U17AAA - New for 2022!

Click Here: HC Elite Council 2nd Tryout Policy U17AAA Sept 2022


Please note the following:

  • There are 4 potential landing spots for 15 year old players (U18AAA, U17AAA, U18 AA (x2), U16 AA
  • 15 year olds who do NOT make U18 AAA are NOT permitted a 2nd tryout at U18AAA
  • 15 year olds who do NOT make U17 AAA are permitted a 2nd tryout at U17 AAA
  • 15 year olds who are released from U17 AAA, should move to U18 AA as there next tryout option (prior to U16AA)
    • Please ensure this option is made available to the families
    • It is our belief the U18 AA will be weaker with 10-12 16 year old players now playing U17AAA
    • You will likely need some 15 year olds to fill these roster spots, with the loss of 16 year old players
    • The make up of your U17 AAA team will affect this a great deal
U17 for PP