Junior Camp Process - Permission to Try Out

Junior Camp Process - Letter of Permission

Each year, eligible players from the Calgary Royals are invited to AJHL and WHL Junior camps.

If your hockey player is planning to attend any Junior camp, your player will need to fill out a letter of permission and you will need their Hockey Canada number*. Hockey Calgary** has created an online form which is accessible through the link below whereby you must complete the online form, and press ‘Submit’.  You will receive an auto reply indicating ‘Confirmation’ from MHAC. You must take this confirmation with you to your camp as it now represents the former, Letter of Permission. No signature is required from the President or Registrar of the Calgary Royals.

LINK:      http://www.hockeycalgary.ca/forms/letter-of-permission

*You will need to have your hockey player's hockey ID #. If you do not have it, you can obtain it through the team manager or the Calgary Royals registrar admin@calgaryroyals.ca

**PLEASE NOTE: The LMHA is Hockey Calgary and therefore Hockey Calgary is the managing body that needs to give the authority for attendance.

Hockey Alberta Information on Junior Camp Eligibility

Players who do not turn 18 in the current year are not eligible to attend junior camps out of province unless it is for major junior (CHL - WHL, OHL, QMJHL).

CLICK HERE for Hockey Alberta's directive regarding midget eligible players and out of province teams.

“No player of Midget eligibility or under (refer to Regulations B.1) may be transferred from Branch to Branch, or from USA Hockey to Hockey Canada, or from any other IIHF Federation to play other than Major Junior hockey unless such Player comes under Regulations H.8.(b) or (c). There is an exception for those Midget Players in their last year of Midget eligibility, when there is no Junior A hockey in their Home Branch.”