Every year the Calgary Royals publishes a premier quadrant hockey magazine in Calgary… 

Its purposes:

  • A major fundraiser for both the Association and individual teams.
  • Information/reference guide for your players, coaches, managers, parents, fans, and advertisers.
  • A valuable memento/yearbook for players, coaches, managers and parents.

Each team must sell its share of advertising to ensure the continued success of this project. The BLUELINE MAGAZINE will be printed and delivered once available, with Covid there have been delays this year.  Each team’s BlueLine Coordinator will receive their teams’ magazine allocation, and distribute them accordingly.   


We are waiting on delivery of the completed books.

Stay tuned!


Team Bonus Winners

  1. U18 AAA – Early Bird Winner
  2. U15 AAA – Early Bird Winner
  3. U16 AAA Blue – Final Winner
  4. U15 AA White – Final Winner


Individual Player  Winners
Last name First Name Amount Team
PATERSON HUNTER  $       6,919.75 U15AAA $500 Visa gift card
RING HUDSON  $       5,363.75 U15AAWhite $300 Visa gift card
HOWELL MAREK  $       4,557.00 U15AAA $100 Visa gift card
BRACKO RILEY  $       4,546.00 U16AAABlue $100 Visa gift card
COCHLAN KADE  $       4,404.50 U18AAGold $100 Visa gift card
QUINN SEAN  $       4,188.25 U18AAA $100 Visa gift card
BRIGHT LOGAN  $       3,938.75 U16AA $100 Visa gift card
McCLOY LIAM  $       3,808.50 U15AABlue $100 Visa gift card
SULLIVAN MAX  $       3,498.75 U15AAA $100 Visa gift card
BAYLIS CARSON  $       3,445.25 U18AAA $100 Visa gift card
HORWITZ EVAN  $       3,377.50 U18AABlue $100 Visa gift card
BONA GAIREN  $       3,122.25 U15AAWhite $100 Visa gift card
PETROPOULOS NICHOLAS  $       3,004.32 U15AAGold $100 Visa gift card

(Individual Player Winners will be delivered to players at practice soon)


COVER 19_20



Midget AAA (U18)

Bantam AAA (U15)

Bantam AA Gold (U15)

Bantam AA Blue (U15)

Bantam AA White (U15)

Minor Midget AAA Gold (U16)

Minor Midget AAA Blue (U16)

Midget AA Gold (U18)

Midget AA Blue (U18)

Junior B Gold (U21)

Junior B Blue (U21)


For additional information please contact Laurie Quinn - Calgary Royals Blueline Director